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1 administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone" [syn: distribute, administer, mete out, deal, parcel out, lot, shell out, deal out, dish out, allot, dole out]
2 grant a dispensation; grant an exemption; "I was dispensed from this terrible task"
3 give or apply (medications) [syn: administer]

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  1. To issue, distribute, or put out.
    The vending machine dispensed the coffee before the cup.
  2. To eliminate or do without.
    I wish he would dispense with the pleasantries and get to the point.

Derived terms



  1. Form of First-person singular present subjunctive, dispenser
  2. Form of Third-person singular present subjunctive, dispenser
  3. Form of Second-person singular imperative, dispenser



Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

OK, abolish, abstain from, accord, administer, admit, afford, allocate, allot, allow, apply, apportion, assign, award, bestow, bestow on, bestrew, broadcast, cancel, carry out, circumfuse, communicate, conduct, confer, consent, deal, deal out, diffract, diffuse, direct, disburse, discharge, dish out, dispense with, disperse, dispose, dispose of, dispread, disseminate, distribute, diverge, divide, divvy, do away with, do without, dole, dole out, donate, eliminate, enforce, eschew, execute, extend, fan out, forgo, fork out, forswear, furnish, get rid of, gift, gift with, give, give away, give freely, give leave, give out, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the word, give up, grant, hand out, hawk, heap, help to, huckster, ignore, impart, implement, issue, lavish, leave, let, let have, make possible, measure, measure out, mete, mete out, offer, okay, operate, overscatter, oversow, overspread, parcel out, pass around, pass out, pay out, peddle, permit, portion out, pour, present, proffer, propagate, provide, publish, radiate, rain, refuse, reject, release, relinquish, remove, render, renounce, retail, say the word, scatter, serve, share out, shell out, shower, slip, snow, sow, sow broadcast, spare, splay, spoon out, spread, spread out, strew, superintend, supervise, supply, tender, utter, vend, vouchsafe, waive, yield
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